Sunday, March 1, 2009

As Seen On T.V. Space Saver Hangers

Space saver Instant Closet Organizer.

As you can see I have competing ads on my site for these hangers. Feel free to research prices all you want and you will see that these are a great deal.

Hangers are new.
This as seen on TV Magic Hanger complete instant closet organizing system can quadruple your closet space. Each Magic Hanger holds 5 garments and up to 20 lbs!
This will give you a much more room in your closet. You can use these in your bedroom closet or coat closet or any other place that you have clothes on hangers that you need to save space
I am local here in Winston salem.

3 Piece set for only $9.95

10 Piece set for only $29.95

20 Piece Set for only $39.95

Bulk purchases call for pricing.


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